Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying to make the first post interesting...

Hello everyone! So I was trying to think of something interesting to write about for my first blog post ever. I know a lot of pressure, right? haha. So I thought about it and decided to write about a couple of random interesting things that you may not know about me.  Well, they are not extremely interesting or anything but they were the best I could come up with.  :)

     1. When I was 7 years old I broke my arm during a bike
     accident.  Okay, I know that doesn't sound that interest...But
     around two weeks later, I fell out of a hammock and broke
     that same arm in a different place WHILE it was in its cast. To
     say the least...that summer was not very fun.

     2.  If you looked in my ear, you would see a rather large hole
     through my ear drum. When I was little I used to get ear infections
     all the time. Finally, my eardrum got tired and ruptured and
     crumbled. Now, whenever I go swimming, I have to wear these
     professionally made earplugs and I can't hear anything when I wear

     3.  Another thing that I think is kind of interesting that I am
     related to a famous American bank robber John Dillinger. He was
     the cousin of my dad's grandpa. The only other famous ancestors I
     know that I am related to our Adam, Eve, and Noah, but that is not
     interesting, because everyone can say that. But not everyone can
     say they are related to  someone who robed over 2 dozen banks!

     4. My sister Hannah was born on May 24.  I was born later on
     November 24, which was her half-birthday.  So I get to say that
     we are EXACTLY 7.5 years apart!

     5. The last thing I chose to write about is the most recent.
     Recently, I celebrated my 18th birthday and got to be on a
     trivia segment of the. Today Show.  I answered the question
     right and won $100 dollars. We recorded it and it was so much
     fun to watch!  We also went to the Today outdoor concert that
     featured Kings of Lion and were on TV in the crowd holding the
     sign we made.

Well, here is my first post. Hopefully, soon there will be new and improved posts that I add to this one.   I added a hyperlink to the video and posted a picture from my birthday at the Today Show.  Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Hey! You beat me to the punch! But I'm impressed...can't wait to read more blogs. Yes, I think I might just start my blog tomorrow....

  2. Love NYC!!
    So cool that you went for your birthday!! :)

  3. Great first post! You're right... that was one really rough summer you had!

  4. Hannah-thanks hannah! We went there about a month ago, so I am hoping to blog about our trip when we went soon!


  5. just stumbled on your blog.
    keep serving Jesus! :)