Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas: Not just a holiday...but a spirit

Every time I watch this video, I am brought to tears.  This is an amazing story that you have to watch! Its about a little boy named Dax Locke who just after his first birthday was diagnosed  with leukemia.  The doctors told his family that he would most likely not make it until the Christmas holiday.  But Christmas came early this year!

To celebrate Dax, the Locke family wants to run St. Jude for one day in memory of this inspirational little boy who made such an impact on his community in his short life.  To run St. Jude for one day it costs $1.6 million dollars.  Go to  to see the progress in the Locke family's journey of fulfilling this dream to run St. Jude for Dax! 


  1. I love your blog! :)

    Many Blessings in Christ,

  2. thanks Crista! I am now following your blog as well. I loved your blog layout :)

  3. what a cute baby and inspiration.

  4. I think my heart just broke.
    Thank you for writing this beautiful post and helping this family.

  5. I am glad you all viewed the video. Matthew West just made a new cd. Each song is written after peoples stories. I would recommend looking listening to his new cd. It is amazing!