Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My trip to the BIG APPLE

I was New York City bound on November 19th! It was my first time in the Big Apple.  NYC was absolutely amazing and fortunately, I get to go back in two months for my highs school senior trip! Out of the hundreds of pictures I took on my trip, here are a few for you to enjoy.  :)

The Christmas decorations in Macy's were absolutely beautiful.  It is the "world's largest store" and contains nine different floors to shop. It was crazy how many Christmas trees there were in Macy's "Holiday Lane!"

Central Park was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen! I could spend days there and never want to leave.  Pictures cannot even show anywhere near the experience of seeing this beautiful park.  If you go during the winter, you must ice skate in the outdoor rink. I did and it was a blast!

Times Square is so much fun. I could happily sit in Times Square and just enjoy looking around at everything.  If you make a purchase at American Eagle Outfitters, you get to have your picture on the big screen in front of the store.  

It was so fun to see this famous American statue.  I was amazed at how large it is!  I loved getting to ride the boat out to the Statue of Liberty and watch as Lady Liberty appeared larger the closer we got to the statue.  

If you ever go to New York City, you must stop at the restaurant "Serendipity" and get a frozen hot chocolate.  I had seen the adorable movie Serendipity that came out a few years ago and after watching it, I have always wanted to go and get a frozen hot chocolate.  Let me tell was so good!!! You must try it!

New York City was one of the greatest vacations I have ever had! I cannot wait to go back to NYC!


  1. Love the pics and that great city:-)

  2. Looks like you had a FUN time!! GREAT pics!!

  3. I want to hop in your suitcase and go back with you in March! Can I please?!?!! :)